Chapter 4


14. Reviewers
Are the external reviewers given clear instructions by the funding agency? What are the reviewers actually looking for when reading and scoring your proposal? For example, missing or insufficient details would reduce your score and might even make them kill your proposal. Check the lists!

15. Rebuttal
The external reviewers may have raised concerns about your leadership, your clever research idea, or the details in your work plan. How should you deal with these when you are asked to write a rebuttal?

16. Panel
The panel chair and members are human beings who will, of course, influence each other at the panel meetings. It’s not a bad thing to realize that this human dimension might influence your score either way. How can you get the panel on your side and keep them there?

17. Interview
The funding agency may ask you to give a presentation in person and hold a debate with the review panel, to obtain further information on your proposal and to check on your leadership skills. How should you prepare and act? What factors make for a successful presentation?

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