Chapter 2


4. Target
Which types of people do funding agencies actually want to award career grants to, what do they expect from their laureates and are you ready for this? What do they actually target? What is your own target?

5. Brochure
Check websites and download brochures to explore the opportunities offered by various funding agencies. Which agencies provide career grant opportunities matching your scientific dreams?

6. Procedure
funding agency defines the rules and processes for evaluating you and your competitors so that the best, in their eyes, may win. You need to learn more about these rules and processes before you start. This is critical for your success in the career grant competition.

7. Rules
The best way to kill your application is to submit it after the deadline. And there are many other silly or naive ways to reduce the value of your application in the eyes of the external reviewers and panel members. Learn how to avoid them.

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