Chapter 4

Make it happen
So how good are you in making it happen? It’s time for self-reflection!
Draw your own web!
Step 1: download and print a clean “web of science”
Step 2: fill in your current grades: very poor, poor, adequate, good, very good or excellent
Step 3: re-fill using your preferred grades
Step 4: define actions to get from current to preferred grades

NoteThe book offers questionnaires which you can use to get scores on the four webs. It also offers a range of exercises which you can try. They will help you defining actions to improve your scores.

19. Dream
Where do you want to go in your career? You are actually creating your career twice: first in your imagination, second in reality. The answer to the question of where you want to go therefore depends heavily on the first step, i.e. on your ability to dream. What would you like to do when you wake up tomorrow morning or in a month, a year or five years from now?

20. Count
Frequently add relevant information (‘facts’) to your curriculum vitae (CV) master file or portfolio. This document will be increasingly important for your career development. Don’t be modest, it is all about you.

21. Believe
President Obama of the United States caught the American people’s imagination in 2008 with his slogan “Yes, we can”. Do you think you can? Which beliefs, thoughts and emotions play a role? Are they helpful or limiting?

22. Act
develop your SMARTI action plan: specific, measurable, acceptable, real, time-dependent, and – last but not least – inspiring. It is time to activate yourself. Go beyond your current beliefs.

23. Care
Science, and particularly top science, can be mentally and physically demanding. Your university should support you well. But you should take care of yourself too. Avoid getting into a burn-out situation.

24. Succeed
Consider which concrete actions you are really (yes really!) going to take now (right now!) to make the most of your talent!

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